Upset Donut Shop Customer Defecates on Floor, Flings Her Feces at Employees

Langley Tim Hortons Woman Furiously Shits On Floor

Langley Tim Hortons Woman Furiously Shits On Floor

The situation continues to escalate and ultimately culminates with the woman dropping her trousers, defecating on the floor, and proceeding to throw feces at the employee.

A woman who was reportedly denied access to the restroom at a Canadian Tim Hortons restaurant on Wednesday chose to go anyway - right on the floor in front of staff, customers and a surveillance camera.

She cleans herself up with some napkins, throws those at the employee as well, and then proceeds to leave.

The incident took place at about 6:15 the Douglas Crescent Tim Hortons in downtown Langley City. Tim Hortons on Monday.

The disturbing video was leaked onto the internet Tuesday, and begins with what appears to be a heated argument between a woman and a worker at a cash register.

Police were called, and officers located the woman in the parking lot, said Cpl.

She was arrested and has now been released, with a court date set.

According to the Abbortsford News, surveillance video posted to LiveLeak shows an individual walking into a Tim Hortons casual restaurant in Langley, British Columbia.

The spokesperson said their current understanding of the situation is that the woman was denied access to the restroom due to "past behavior".