Kristen Stewart rebels against Cannes' 'heels-only' policy

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

The festival initially responded to reports about the high heel requirement by confirming that it is indeed part of the red carpet dress code. However, while Stewart didn't mind getting her feet wet, someone with an umbrella was at her side to ensure that the rest of her body and her silver Chanel dress didn't get soaked.

Not just Kristen but others too have spoken out against the policy, including British actress Emily Blunt, who said: "Everyone should wear flats, to be honest". She wore a mesmerising feathered gown which featured a plunging neckline at the screening of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Kristen Stewart is such a rebel and she recently took it to an worldwide level. Another user tweeted, "Hooray for #KristenStewart taking off her high heels at Cannes, what a ludicrous rule! If you're not asking guys to wear heels and a dress, you can not ask me either". You can not come in.' Then (I'm going to say), 'Neither is my friend. "Does he have to wear heels?'" Stewart said. Now it seems Kristen Stewart, a member of this year's jury at the film festival, has flouted the ban on flat shoes - by instead going barefoot on the red carpet. "It can work both ways". It's just like you simply can not ask me to do something that you are not asking him [to do]. "I understand the whole theme with black ties, but we need to allow women to walk without heels".

They generally hit below the fashion belt with their regular and quite basic styles on the world's most revered red carpet event next to the Met Galas'.

Kristen isn't the first actress to push-back against the red carpet rule though.

In 2015, it was reported Cannes had implemented a heels-only policy.