Florida teacher on leave after raccoons drowned

Courtesy CBS News | WKMG

Courtesy CBS News | WKMG

Officials said Forest High School agriculture teacher Dewie Brewton was removed from class "pending the outcome of a district investigation", according to the Ocala Star-Banner.

The mother of the student who shot the video, both who wish to remain anonymous, said to a reporter at WKMG-TV, "It made me sick".

The teacher reportedly trapped the raccoons in metal cages, then lowered the cages into water-filled trashcans.

Multiple students can be seen helping with the drowning, while others stand around and watch. 'It made me sick to my stomach'. "It's bad. It still does make me sick to my stomach", the mother, who did not want to be identified, told WKMG. Caught them in cages. "He could have had somebody come and relocate the animals". "My friend said that the class before that, they were putting the water in the buckets", he added. He said it took several minutes for the raccoons, which were caged, to die after they were submerged in water.

The student said the teacher told them not to record the incident, according to the station.

One video shows the tip of a raccoon's snout sticking out just above the surface of the water.

'Why is he not fighting?' one person asks in the clip as the raccoon sits in the garbage bin filled with water.

Mr Brewton was placed on administrative leave while investigations are conducted.

Maier said the school district is "appalled" by the actions of the teacher.

'The district is determining the status of the teacher at this moment'.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is also investigating, and told WJCB it was "looking into" the legality of the alleged incident. Those findings will be presented to officials with the state attorney's office, who will decide if criminal charges are appropriate.

A Florida trainer is being investigated after dad and mom mentioned he had college students take part within the drowning of raccoons and chickens in school on Monday. "This is a man who would give everything he had to make sure that his children/students are taken care of". "He is a man of faith and has always provided the wisdom and guidance needed for his students to succeed".

"He has spent late nights, weekends and has provided around the clock support for his club and for his school", a post on the Forest High School FFA Alumni page reads. "We want people to know he had them in cages, he had them trapped".

The mother of the student too was unhappy.

"I don't think that's the way to treat any animal", she said.