Deadpool 2 producer looks forward to shoot 'Gambit'

Deadpool 2 producer looks forward to shoot'Gambit

Deadpool 2 producer looks forward to shoot'Gambit

Will a solo Gambit movie even work?

While Fox is doing some interesting things with their Marvel properties of late and hoping to find further success with the likes of Deadpool 2, one movie that just can't seem to get going is the Channing Tatum Gambit movie. Once all of that is ready, the film could begin shooting as early as the end of this summer.

If the film goes into production this year, it will likely be the final X-Men film produced by Fox prior to their acquisition by Disney. According to TOI, Simon Kinberg said that we have a script that we love - that Channing loves. "We've met with a bunch of directors in the last few weeks and we're hoping to pick one in the next couple of weeks, then shoot the movie maybe this summer". If filming actually starts this summer a lot of people will be surprised, though pleasantly so I'd imagine. With every delay due to director issues came a delay in the release date. It's happened so many times now that we don't even take it seriously anymore: "Oh, you're making a Gambit movie?"

It hasn't quite been 10 years yet since Tatum signed onto the Gambit project and it began a realistic development process, but unless that director search bears fruit, it could see another year or two bump as the creative can is kicked in favor of X-Force and the Dark Phoenix saga. The movie is now set with a June 2019 release, but it was once eyeing an October 2016 release window, which gives you an idea just how rough a go of it this movie has had. I'm not saying Gambit is the next Deadpool, but it certainly wouldn't be so bad if it was.