Wisconsin high school seniors praised for car-into-office prank

Wisconsin senior prank so good even police give it respect

Wisconsin senior prank so good even police give it respect

When grown-ups arrived at the scene, they discovered a what looked like a vehicle crash right through the front of the high school, leaving the back of a auto sticking out of a gaping hole in the building.

The cops also probably appreciated the fact that the students didn't deface any school property or release wild animals into the halls for the stunt.

They used tape and a tarp to make the black hole in an outside wall of the school near the principal's office.

"Congratulations to all the seniors who are graduating", the police said in their Facebook post.

A Cumberland, Wisconsin, senior prank was so well done even the police are laughing.

The principal and police chief added they "want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable" graduation week.

"We have this junk vehicle".

Someone called police Monday morning to report the accident, but police were impressed when they arrived to find the ruse. During the weekend, Konur Pasko and three fellow seniors - Cody Paul, Adrian Warner and Jacob Woodley - gutted the engine and removed the car's front seats, panels, wiring and other parts bit by bit, and then cut off the remaining front portion.

They used a black tarp creating the illusion of damage, making it look like the auto crashed through the building. Seven minutes later, they left the scene.