Will Barclay appointed to panel selecting NY attorney general; interviews start today

Westchester Mayor: Schneiderman Ouster Negates My Felony Rap

Westchester Mayor: Schneiderman Ouster Negates My Felony Rap

"G$3 iven the timing of Eric Schneiderman's resignation and the current state law prohibiting candidates from seeking two offices simultaneously, I have determined that I can not run for Attorney General at this time", she said.

The State Legislature on Tuesday was scheduled to begin interviewing more than a dozen candidates to fill the role on an interim basis until December 31, when Schneiderman's term ends.

"This is a mandate, not an option", said Assemblyman Joe Lentol, who is chairing the joint Assembly and Senate committee that's interviewing candidates seeking the interim job. O'Donnell of Manhattan, actress Rosie O'Donnell's brother.

Rice (D-Garden City) said she was encouraged by others to run, but noted that state law prohibits her from running for state attorney general at the same time she seeks re-election to Congress.Eric Schneiderman, a Democrat, resigned as attorney general a week after four women he dated accused him of physical abuse and assault, opening a scramble for the post. Schneiderman has denied the accusations.

Barclay, an eight-term Republican and deputy minority leader of the Assembly, said the special panel of lawmakers will review resumes of 16 candidates for the appointment and make recommendations to the full state Legislature.