Warnings of more lava and possible explosion at Hawaiian volcano

Highly viscous lava oozes from the edge of the ‘a‘ā flow spreading slowly from fissure 17 on Tuesday

Highly viscous lava oozes from the edge of the ‘a‘ā flow spreading slowly from fissure 17 on Tuesday

"Eruption of lava continues from multiple points along the northeast end of the active fissure system", the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said in a briefing.

PEOPLE nixing vacations to Hawaii's Big Island has cost the tourism industry millions of dollars as the area's top attraction, Kilauea volcano, keeps spewing lava.

As part of Volcano Preparedness Month in Washington, the state's emergency management division is hosting a Reddit AMA from 1-3 p.m. Volcanologists from the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory will join emergency-preparedness managers to discuss all things volcanic, from the local threat of volcanic mudflows, called lahars, to the differences between the Pacific Northwest's more explosive, cone-shaped volcanoes and the low-slung shield volcanoes that form the Hawaiian archipelago.

"Excessive exposure can cause eye/breathing irritation".

The authorities also recommended people should seek medical attention or leave the area if affected severely by the gas.

The ash threatened Ka'u district, which is about 30 miles southwest of Kilauea.

Those are steam-driven explosions that occur when water beneath the ground or on the surface is heated by magma, lava, hot rocks, or new volcanic deposits, the US Geological Survey says.

The volcano, located on the U.S. state's Big Island, is one of the world's most active volcanos.

Officials also reported Tuesday that a new lava fissure opened in the Lanipuna Gardens subdivision near Leilani Estates.

A river of lava more than a mile long is flowing toward the ocean from one of the fissures. No deaths or major injuries have been reported since Kilauea, which has been in a state of almost constant eruption since 1983, began a series of major explosions early this month.

In the evacuated Leilani Estates neighborhood of about 1,500 people, explosions could be heard on Sunday as steam rose from cracks in the roads.

More residents near the site have been ordered to evacuate.

The Hawaii National Guard has warned people in the coastal Lower Puna area to prepare to leave, saying anyone who chooses to stay behind can not count on being rescued.

The eruption damage resulted in a major disaster declaration Friday to clear the way for federal funding assistance.

The lava lake in the crater has been dropping since May 2, which increases the chances for a phreatic explosion.