Taraji P. Henson opens up on engagement to Kelvin Hayden

Taraji P. Henson Dishes on Fiance Kelvin Hayden's Romantic Proposal (Exclusive)

Taraji P. Henson Dishes on Fiance Kelvin Hayden's Romantic Proposal (Exclusive)

"I'm very happy. Everything is coming together", Henson said, before adding, "I'm happy in my personal life". "It's a good feeling".

"I remember him grabbing me one night and he was like, 'Woman, you sure you want to get married?' And I was like, 'Why do you keep asking me the same question?" And then I sat at the table and the waitress was extremely nice.

Taraji confirmed in December that she was dating Kelvin and they had been an item for two years. "He said, 'My friend Ronald, it's his birthday... he's going to have a get-together in this little party room". "I started connecting the dots, and I turn around and he's already on his knee". "I'm making an attempt to only get pleasure from being blissfully engaged for a minute".

Did she have any idea? "You know what I'm saying?" added Jussie Smollett, who plays the Lyons' middle son, Jamal. She admitted, "I'm nosy! I knew, I just didn't know when he was going to pop the question".

When asked why she chose to confirm the romance recently, Taraji told E! "I'm in Atlanta right now, filming What Men Want, and I told him, I said, 'I'm gonna come home for Mother's Day, ' and he said, 'Come home!' And I noticed the look in his eyes, but I didn't put it together". "To be quite honest, I allowed it to be a surprise, because I could have found out if I wanted to!" "And no one would really know that because I don't blast my info like that but I'm very happy". The film will also star Tracy Morgan and Aldis Hodge.