Rural polls: Aggrieved candidates meet SEC, demand repolling

TMC leader Derek O'Brien

TMC leader Derek O'Brien

"Where is the spirit of democracy?"

He added: "People were disallowed to file nominations also". It isn't only BJP people who suffered.

"Ballot boxes were found in a pond. innocent party workers, not only of the BJP but of other parties too, were killed", he said. "People weren't allowed to file nominations".

Addressing party workers and supporter at the BJP headquarters here after Karnataka poll results, praising party president Amit Shah the Prime Minister described him as "the person whose tireless work and exceptional strategy has propelled us to one victory after another". This is serious. A land as great as West Bengal had to see such things.

All parties, the civil society and the judiciary will have to play an active role.

"I don't talk of who wins or loses, but democracy was wounded. My concern is democracy, and I am not here to blame any political party", he said.

"There are reports of six people being killed", a state Election Commission official said.

Widespread violence during the panchayat polls yesterday left at least 12 people dead and 43 injured, even as more than 73 per cent of the electorate turned up to cast their vote.

Aggrieved by the violence that marked Monday's panchayat polls in West Bengal, several candidates who were in the fray met SEC officials and demanded repolling in their booths.

The state's ruling Trinamool Congress, however, claimed that the people were able to exercise their democratic rights and said the situation was well handled barring a few isolated incidents. The TMC has termed the allegations "baseless".

Various non-political organisations conducted sit-in demonstrations outside the SEC office on Tuesday in protest against Monday's violence.