Father of OH teen who died in van poses multiple questions

Cincinatti Mayor John Cranley hugs a member of Kyle Plush's family during a council meeting on April 17

Cincinatti Mayor John Cranley hugs a member of Kyle Plush's family during a council meeting on April 17

Police officers who were sent to the scene and the 911 operators who took frantic calls from the dying youth were not at fault, Police Chief Elliott Isaac said.

Emergency dispatchers also ran into issues communicating with Plush, since his phone was in his pocket, and used Siri to place the call.

Mayor Cranley agreed. "It's clear to me the report we have is incomplete", he said.

The muffled voice was mistaken for an elderly woman and the officers, Edsel Osborne and Brian Brazile, went to Seven Hills believing they were looking for an elderly woman locked in a auto. Chief Isaac said that violated department procedure, but he otherwise said the officers acted reasonably in their search.

Plush found the body of his son, Kyle Plush, on April 10 inside the 2004 Honda Odyssey in a parking lot near his school almost six hours after Kyle's first 911 call. Kyle was not able to give back and forth answers to a dispatcher, and the phone disconnected his call.

After discussing the call, dispatchers say they entered a thrift store near Seven Hills into the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system as "unknown trouble" at that location.

The teenager's father, Ron Plush, told council's Law and Public Safety Committee Monday that while he appreciated the efforts of city officials to investigate what happened, many of his questions are still unanswered.

Kyle Plush died inside his Honda Odyssey after reaching over its third seat to retrieve his tennis equipment. A coroner says the teen died of asphyxiation from his chest being compressed.

Ron Plush asked authorities why officers weren't notified that his son was screaming for help in a 911 call, promised to help improve the city 911 system, and said he would be asking hard questions along the way.

"In all cases, we can do better, we should do better, we must do better", Cranley said.

"I was expecting that by hearing the police report today many of my questions would be answered", Plush said, appearing at a Cincinnati City Council meeting on the police response to the April 10 death of his son.

"People have said what happened to Kyle was a ideal storm, " Ron Plush said.

Police say that during Plush's call, the 911 system did not fail and the CAD system did not fail "completely".

If authorities knew the name "Kyle" and that the call was from someone near a school, they had enough to do a proper search minutes after the call was received, said Jodi Schwind. At 3:21, two officers were dispatched to the area and told to look for a woman saying she was stuck in a van at a parking lot near the Seven Hills school. "And he was failed horribly".

Isaac also presented the results of an internal investigation before the City Council's law and safety committee.

The investigation is not yet over, with the Hamilton County sheriff's office and county prosecutor's office both conducting their own investigations. Additionally, Councilman Greg Landman commented that "This raises more questions than were answered", according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.