Arsene Wenger: I'd be betraying Arsenal if I stayed in England

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He won three Premier League titles, including the famous 2003-04 unbeaten season, and seven FA Cups, while revolutionising English football with his ground-breaking use of sports science and scouting of players from previously untapped markets like Africa.

He began with a 2-0 win over Blackburn in 1996 and 1,234 games later finished with a 1-0.

This may sound harsh, but Wenger's successor is going to inherit a squad that is nowhere as good as what Wenger thought it was.

Leaving Arsenal along with Wenger are the Frenchman's coaches Boro Primorac, Neil Banfield, Gerry Peyton and Tony Colbert, while physio Colin Lewin has lost his job after 23 years of service.

Frenchman Arsene Wenger has explained that his biggest transfer regret was not to have signed Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo when he was in charge of Arsenal. Herbert Chapman, who had led Huddersfield Town to consecutive first division titles, was possibly the last to be considered "high-profile" in his own time - and he arrived in 1925. "So for me to come here on the last day had a special meaning", he said.

Sometimes it takes somebody else to tell you something you know deep down, and there was an acknowledgement of that in Sunday's news conference when he said "Maybe it's time.", when referring to his departure. "In fact there was a photo in front of the dressing room where Chapman just did smile at me because he was on the photo". "It has never happened at Arsenal for 22 years so it is something new for Arsenal".

"If they [Juve's directors] do not send me away, I think I will stay at Juve next year", he said.

"Yes I had offers, yes, of course". Maybe I don't envisage that at the moment. I had many offers but I come out of such a long process. If he decides to go, I will be so sad but I will understand his decision because it's his career, his life, his family, and I am not the right guy to say you don't have to do that.