Melania Trump Undergoes Successful Kidney Procedure

Melania Trump hospitalized after kidney surgery

Melania Trump hospitalized after kidney surgery

First Lady Melania Trump is in the hospital following surgery for a "benign kidney condition", the White House said Monday.

President Donald Trump's third wife and US First Lady - was admitted to Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington for what has been described as a "major health concern".

Melania Trump, 48, had been experiencing an unspecified but benign issue with her kidney that her office said needed medical attention, the statement read. She's not the only first lady to have a surgery while at the White House. "Melania is already on the mend", Pence said. This was the first event that was planned and executed primarily by the first lady.

According to her, Trump's restrictions by the White House security team are incredibly strict. Under such a procedure, doctors block a flood vessel in order to stop blood flow to a specific area and stop a patient from bleeding.

"They simply referred to it as 'a benign kidney condition, '" the reports said.

CNN said President Donald Trump remained at the White House during his wife's surgery.

The first lady recently announced her official agenda, which will focus on helping children.

She also represented the administration at the April funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush.

According to Elizabeth Kavaler, a urologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in NY, the first lady may have a common, benign tumor of the kidney called an angiomyolipoma, or AML.

Moreover, word of the diagnosis and the planned surgical procedure never leaked out of a White House defined by constant leaks.

Mrs. Trump has, at times, has been noticeably absent from her husband's side.