How to Enable Gmail's Smart Compose Feature Right Now

Figure A

Figure A

Hopefully, Google would add more languages as the Gmail feature becomes better. Start by going to settings in the new Gmail.

Nudges will also remind you to follow-up on sent messages that have yet to receive a reply.

Once you enable the offline mode, you will be given a host of options, including those that allow you to alter the number of emails you require offline. And it is not words, artificial intelligence suggests you entire sentences as soon as you start typing. In the past, Google scanned your emails to serve up more personalized ads, but that practice ended last June. This feature was unveiled at Google I/O last week.

Gmail's much-awaited update has been rolled out for a lot of users and is creating an intense hype owing to the new features that it brings to the platform.

Gmail users who wanted to access emails offline had two options up until now. Google isn't enabling the feature for all users at the same time, so it may take a few days for Nudge to show up in your Gmail. First, you have to make a switch from the old Gmail.

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You can choose expiration time from 1 day to 5 years.

Do you have the new nudges feature?

The smart replies feature in Gmail let users to respond to emails with the help of some quick phrases. Now, you no longer have to be online to read, reply to and compose messages.

Nudges won't appear for all emails in your inbox - it would defeat the objective otherwise. Users can also have the emails locked using passcodes.

Go the Settings tab and click on Settings. That worked for us, so give it shot if you get stuck. Users of the previous version of the Gmail can update to the new one pretty easily by clicking on the gear icon on the upper right side of their screen and then clicking on 'Try new Gmail'.

Click the box to Enable experimental access.

Nudge is sort of like a snoozed email, but it happens all on its own.