Blake Bortles Stops Alleged Truck Thief ... At Jags House Party

Teen crashes Blake Bortles party because he couldn't steal his truck: cops

Teen crashes Blake Bortles party because he couldn't steal his truck: cops

The truck was boxed in, so instead he apparently chose to crash the party, held at the home of Jaguars center Brandon Linder (per the AP). Surveillance video showed Horton removing Bortles' wallet from the truck.

Witnesses told police Horton then tried to drive off in the truck, but was boxed in by other cars. Afterward, the teen entered Linder's house where no one from the function recognized him.

"Horton told police he was at the party looking for a former girlfriend, but no one at the party knew whom he was talking about".

He was subsequently charged with burglary, grand theft and trespassing. When more becomes available on the incident, we'll be sure to update you all as investigations are still ongoing. Bortles said that nothing appeared to have been removed from the wallet. According to, Bortles left his truck unlocked at a house party, which allowed Horton to get in there and snoop around. Linder questioned the unknown man and then called police.

At that point the video shows the thief, identified by police as 18-year-old Joseph Horton, go inside Linder's house, where he was eventually apprehended by Bortles and company.

Police say that Bortles helped detain the suspect and was holding the teen inside the house when they arrived.

Oh, and after Horton gave police his address, a little research indicated that the residence is a multimillion-dollar home on the Intracoastal Waterway just a few blocks down the street, WJXT added.

Neighbors confirmed that he lived there with his parents.