MS receives grant to fight opioid crisis

U.S. Rep. Ann Mc Lane Kuster D-N.H

U.S. Rep. Ann Mc Lane Kuster D-N.H

Portman had urged that opioid funding be included in the CURES package, and the funding awarded to states can be used for improving prescription drug monitoring programs, prevention, training for health care workers, and improving access to treatment for individuals struggling with a substance use disorder.

Opioid deaths are rising across the country, according to the Centers for Disease and Prevention, which reports more than 63,600 opioid overdose deaths in 2016.

"We are losing too many people at the hands of these very unsafe, highly addictive drugs", Governor Bruce Rauner said. In Illinois alone, over 2,000 people died from an opioid-related cause in 2017. "Our whole focus is to save lives".

Millions of dollars are going to the state of IL as it continues the fight against opioid addiction.

The grants are meant to increase access to treatment, reduce unmet treatment needs and support recovery activities in order to reduce opioid overdose-related deaths. IDHS funded community based organizations have trained 17,675 people so far during the state's FY18.

"This is another positive step forward, but we must do more, and that's why I continue to push for common-sense solutions like the STOP Act and CARA 2.0 that will help us turn the tide of addiction in OH and around the country".