Fortnite players still think Tilted Towers will be destroyed by a comet

More Comets Coming in Fortnite to Destroy the Island's Locations

More Comets Coming in Fortnite to Destroy the Island's Locations

Fans of Fortnite Battle Royale have had a meteor hurtling toward their battlefield for a few weeks now and collectively established a few theories on its objective, even nailing down a specific day that the meteor would crash into the player-space. However, those convinced that the rumoured destruction would take place yesterday on April 18th were let down in true Epic Games fashion via an ingenious Easter egg discovered by one resourceful fan. With "SOS" being a common distress signal, "D5" representing Tilted Towers' square on the map grid, and "418" seeming to indicate the date 4/18 (April 18th), obliteration of the controversial map location seemed all but set in stone.

There's a sound being made by the meteor and a Redditor found that, when run through a spectrograph, the "L-Dance" emote is seen.

The remaining theory says that the town will be destroyed by the end of this season, which wraps up at the end of the month.

What started out as speculation has turned into obsession from Fortnite players who believe Tilted Towers will be destroyed by a meteor.

Instead, it's likely the 4/18 part of the Morse code was simply misinterpreted and refers more generally to April 2018 rather than the 18th of April.

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While it's now unknown what will happen to the map post-comet, some have taken a dinosaur sticker unlocked at the 98th tier of the Battle Pass as a hint that Season 4 may be based on a prehistoric theme. Clues do point directly toward Tilted Towers, but we'll just have to wait and see.

My theory? This will be Epic's clever way of introducing a new map to the Battle Royale players.