Elway Pleased With Picks Broncos Hold In Next Week's Draft

Cedrick Wilson Denver Broncos

Cedrick Wilson Denver Broncos

This year's draft is includes some top quarterback prospects with USC's Sam Darnold, Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, Wyoming's Josh Allen and UCLA's Josh Rosen likely going near the top. But maybe, maybe they can get slightly lesser versions of both with a trade. All four teams picking ahead of the Broncos could use a quarterback, though they will be tempted to take Penn State's Saquon Barkley or NC State's Bradley Chubb.

Elway added that he did not have more than four quarterbacks graded as first-rounders, and that there is not yet a consensus in the Broncos' draft room about the order in which those four passers should be ranked.

"Yeah. That's my job, right?"

On Thursday, Elway met with the media and discussed the various approaches his team could take.

Elway seems to be more open to trading down, though.

He also said staying put and taking the best non-QB, or QB was a possibility.

By trading back, the Broncos could get two top talents and fill the holes they've created at running back and cornerback. Every situation for young quarterbacks is different. "They're thrown out there and the expectations are formed to come out and play early".

"Case (Keenum) is our starter", Elway said. "No matter what you do, I think the one thing that I've learned is as a quarterback you've got to be able to win it from the pocket". I thought his answer to what type of quarterback he prefers was enlightening. You can win games but you can't win championships unless you have the ability to win it from the pocket. The one thing I've learned is, as a quarterback, you have to be able to win it from the pocket.