Some Schools Closed As Teachers Rally At State Capitol

Teachers met inside the capitol to discuss a way forward for the strike

Teachers met inside the capitol to discuss a way forward for the strike

Hundreds of teachers are expected to make their way to the state Capitol on Monday for a "Day of Action" to plead with legislators for more funding.

The union holds several lobbying days at the Legislature each year but says that recent demonstrations by teachers in other states have increased interest in the event. Colorado, which has a Democratic governor and a Democratic-controlled assembly, is the exception.

This announcement comes after Apple has gained focus on education, with the launch of a low cost iPad and a classroom app, Apple school manager.

Some district teachers will head to the Capitol.

"One clear way to value educators is by funding our schools".

They rallied outside the building Monday, holding signs and chanting slogans like "You left me no choice".

Across the country, teachers have been striking and lobbying their state legislators for fair pay and labor conditions.

On Thursday, the OEA announced that the walkout was coming to an end. "We spend more and more of our own money to do things", McNamee said.

Colorado's teachers' union expects more than 400 teachers at a rally that's planned for Monday at the state's Capitol in Denver. It also gives $1,250 raises for support staff and adds $50 million in education funding.

School buses are rolling and school bells are ringing.

Spark for Education is now available to students and teachers for free of charge. Teachers in Arizona, who are among the lowest paid in the nation, also threatened to strike and asked for a 20 percent pay increase.

It's a conversation they want lawmakers to start hearing.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, floated a proposal last week to meet the teachers' 20 percent pay hike request with a 9 percent raise this year and an 11 percent raise in 2020. "I have to use my teacher voice".

Teachers are rising up, and they need all the support they can get. On March 30, so many teachers staged a "sickout" that 29 school districts were forced to cancel classes because they couldn't find enough substitute teachers.