Crossing Limits: Sri Reddy's verbal abuse on Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan celebrated Jana Sena formation day

Pawan Kalyan celebrated Jana Sena formation day

The actress went ahead with her fearless fight against the "male-dominated" Telugu film industry, nearly exposed the decades' old problem of casting couch in Tollywood.

The actress had on April 7 stripped in public and staged a protest in front of the film chamber office here, alleging that local artistes were not being given enough opportunities in the industry.

Actor Pawan Kalyan recently talked about the ongoing Sri Reddy controversy and how women are exploited in the Telugu film industry. The government must take the necessary action.

Finally, Power Star Pawan Kalyan responded on Sri Reddy issue. The complaints should be lodged with the police as well as case should be filed in court for legal action. He spoke about protecting other women but at the same time he kept me down.

Well, Sri Reddy has been causing shock by revealing big names in her alleged casting couch incidences which includes, Abhiram Daggubati and others.

Until this point, it looked normal (as per latest standards of lambasting in front of media), but after this Sri Reddy crossed limits and did three acts - One, she took her cheppal into her hands and slapped herself, saying I made a mistake by calling Pawan as brother (Pawan Anna) earlier. Women Activists and the women artists who were affected by casting couch participated in the press meet and shared their bad experiences. "They use crude language and ask s not to lurk around".

Pawan Kalyan also asked media channels to stop making everything sensational in order to get TRPs.