Cadillac Escalade gets $10000 discount to fight the Navigator

Nick Miotke  Roadshow

Nick Miotke Roadshow

The Cadillac Escalade has long dominated the Lincoln Navigator on the sales charts, but that's no longer the case following the Navigator's most recent redesign. It also means the two will compete for your hard-earned dollars. That's about on par with the Cadillac Escalade.

The all-new Navigator was named 2018 North American Truck of The Year and Lincoln is investing millions to increase production by 25 percent in order to keep up with demand. It still offers that discount to would-be Escalade owners if they now own any 1999 or newer Lincoln product. Owners and lessees of different model-year Escalades qualify for a $7,500 incentive. The big discount runs through May 31, according to a memo GM sent dealers.

"GM is trying to keep Escalade buyers out of Navigators, for sure", Schuster said in a phone interview. While the Escalade is still outselling the Navigator, Cadillac has taken notice and to help it battle the Navigator, Cadillac is giving current customers a big discount on the Escalade.

This isn't the first time that Cadillac has tried to throw out some extra cash to battle the Navigator. Last year, the automaker offered Lincoln owners $5,000 to trade in any 1999 or newer model for a new Escalade. In the end, it'll be great for consumers.