Apple iOS 12: What we should expect from the upcoming operating system

Facebook app on iPhone

Facebook app on iPhone

Here's a look at iOS 12's expected features.

But in typical Apple fashion, iOS has been refined continuously over the years, with Apple engineers working hard to transform iOS into the powerhouse of an OS that it is today.

If the Cupertino-based company sticks to its basics, the iOS 12 will be announced at World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 which will run from June 4 to June 8 this year. Numerous users have complaint regarding the issues that they are facing on the new iOS updates.

iCloud message syncing uploads all iMessage conversations, allowing message thread history to be shared across multiple iOS devices. Now 65 per cent of devices are on iOS 11, according to Apple's Developer website. Compared to this, Android Oreo 8 has barely crossed the one per cent mark, even a year after its release.

After the release of the iOS 11.4 beta 2, we should start to see a more regular release schedule moving forward.

We'll hardly surprise anyone if we say that objectively iOS 11 has had its fair share of problems and issues. But features which are not ready or less polished will be pushed to the iOS 13 upgrade in all likelihood.

There have been many reports that the company will not be making huge overhauls to the iOS in terms of features, but will be more focused on offering a smooth and seamless functionality.

Amidst all the keen speculation over what Apple might produce with the iPhone XI, it can be easy to forget the annual refresh of iOS - but in its own way the mobile software that Apple makes is just as important as the hardware updates that the company puts out. One possibility is that Apple will finally uncouple iOS updates from the updates to its individual apps. So expect iOS 12 to be released to the public circa Tuesday 18 September 2018.

Two weeks after the release of the developer version of the operating system, Apple has dropped the public beta of iOS 11.4. Were optimistic that well see the first signs of their response manifest itself in iOS 12. Hopefully, with the launch of iOS 11.4 beta 2, we start to see more information come to light regarding the release of the full update and the sort of aspects that are being tested by developers lucky enough to be able to get their hands on this most recent build. They can even set out the passwords for a variety of apps on the iOS 12. But it's worth noting that this only applies to those modela, the replacement of the display which was conducted in third-party workshops, and not in the official service centers of Apple.

AOD is one of the most liked features amongst the Android users.

We can take hope that this isnt unprecedented for Apple, as it has taken a similar approach with macOS in previous releases. Well, the new iOS 12 will bring this feature for the new flagships. Currently, Animoji is limited to iPhone X, but reports have claimed Apple will introduce three new iPhone X variants for 2018 with Face ID on the front.

Taking features that OLED displays offer to its logical conclusion, an always-on screen would not only provide parity with its Android counterparts but provide something genuinely useful that the iPhone has always lacked. According to Bloomberg, Animojis could be integrated into FaceTime app as well. Now, the new iOS 12 to bring the same True Dark Mode theme for the users. Stereo support for two HomePods is also included but won't work until Apple launches new HomePod firmware. This could allow parents to monitor screen time. Moreover, the ability for users to activate and update their iPhones without a tethered PC didn't come around until iOS 5. Apple wants to make sure everything works as claimed when the final build is rolled out. At the recent education event that Apple held, a number of new features, products, and price reductions were announced that reaffirm Apple's commitment to education. More features will be introduced to you with new Artificial Intelligence technology within the iOS devices.