NFL, NFLPA prohibit use of 10 helmet models after study

NFL ban use of 10 helmet models after safety tests

NFL ban use of 10 helmet models after safety tests

Outside of a few stray games during the 2011 and 2012 NFL seasons, Tom Brady has worn the same football helmet during his 19-year career.

At last month's annual league meeting, owners approved a new safety rule that makes it a penalty for any player to lower his head and use his helmet to initiate contact with an opponent during a game. Some of those, particularly those manufactured by Rawlings, no longer are being made and don't have support from the company. Citing Pelissero, the story added that "the National Football League and NFLPA expect many of those players will stop wearing those helmets immediately". Helmets no longer being now manufactured (six models) will be banned immediately.

The 10 helmets are Rawlings' Impulse and Impulse+, Quantum and Tachyon; SG Varsity and SG 2.0; Schutt Vengeance Z10 (model 204100), Air XP (model 789002) and Air XP Pro (model 789102); and Riddell VSR-4 (model R41133). Full phaseout is expected after 2018, per Jeff Miller, NFL Senior Vice President of Health and Safety Policy. "It's an important step for player safety". A chart specifying top-to-bottom rankings for the 34 helmets is posted at every team's training facility. The test this year involved 34 models.

According to, about 200 players will be affected.

Washington Redskins helmets sit on the field.

"The goal of continuing to rank the helmets, and the objective of the joint decision to prohibit certain helmets this year, is to increase that continued movement into better-performing helmets". NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and others said at last month's meeting they expect instant replay reviews to be utilized to determine if a player should be ejected from a game under the new rule.