Finance ministry official denies sexual harassment

Polytechnic student alleges sexual harassment by teacher

Polytechnic student alleges sexual harassment by teacher

Japan's Finance Ministry says a top bureaucrat is denying a weekly magazine's report alleging that he had sexually harassed female reporters.

The weekly Shincho reported last week that Administrative Vice Finance Minister Junichi Fukuda went drinking with a female reporter recently at a bar near his house and asked to touch her breasts and kiss her.

Asked by reporters on Monday to comment on the allegations, Fukuda said: "I will issue a comment today so please look at that".

Along with Fukuda saying he will sue the magazine's publisher for defamation, the ministry said a lawyer will also probe the case to independently confirm the details of the alleged harassment scandal.

The ministry also called for cooperation from the female reporters who engaged in the conversations mentioned in the magazine article.

The allegations against Fukuda come at a time of sinking public support for the Finance Ministry amid a cronyism scandal centered around the ministry and a nationalist school operator with ties to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's wife.

The ministry on Monday announced the results of its questioning of Fukuda and how the ministry plans to deal with the matter.