Colorado teachers prepare for 'Day of Action'

Universities key supporting student innovations

Universities key supporting student innovations

"The positive state revenue forecast clearly demonstrates there is substantially more money available this year and therefore we can and must do a better job funding our public schools", CEA President Kerria Dallman said in a written statement. "At John Hardin we live up to three aspects: family, success and respect". "This is causing him to make decisions that he thinks will hurt AEA, regardless of if they will help the children of Montgomery County".

State legislators were convening for the final days of the 2018 session to consider an override to Republican Gov. Matt Bevin's vetoes of budget and tax bills.

Two-thirds of adults in California and about as many public school parents don't like the idea of arming teachers, along with 86 percent of Democrats and 69 percent of independents.

About 400 Colorado teachers decided not to come into school to attend a rally at the Capitol and lobby lawmakers.

"We do it because we love our students", Gonyea said. "I mean, I don't know how many more times they can be told", Sears said.

Callie Gonyea, who is in her second year of teaching at Ellis Elementary School in Denver, said she wants to be a teacher for her entire career.

"It's going to have long-term effects on how our children are seeing our government", she said, "and the distrust they are building in our federal government". "And now we're faced with that distasteful task and by the end of this month, April, we will make those decisions". "It starts with the teachers".

Central Hardin High School students also staged a walkout. The legislature boosted annual education funding by about $450 million and raised teacher pay by an average of about $6,100, yet those figures remained short of the teachers' demands.

"PERA is it for us", Boyd said. "We'd like to bring attention to it". "Roads need more money and we have an opportunity to do that", Grantham said.

The walk out at John Hardin was put in motion, Evans said, Thursday night over various forms of social media.

Experience: I taught fifth grade for one year in Sioux City. We've been trying to work with the legislators and let the unions speak on our behalf, but nothing has stopped these budget cuts.

Education is one of the most important parts of one's life to get the success.

In Kentucky, a teacher's salary averaged around $52,000 in contrast to Oklahoma's $45,000, however teachers there are picketing over their spring break and protesting a pension reform bill that passed the State House and Senate last week. "You're not in the military or the police force where they drill it into you".

Teachers' union leaders in Oklahoma have ended a nine-day, statewide strike after winning salary raises but seeing a lack of legislative action otherwise.

"I greatly, greatly, appreciate what you all have done".

To add to this heartache, young teachers in NC have never known anything different, and many even believe our current reality is normal.

John Hardin senior Athena O'Neil said "there is a lot that is wrong with the US educational system" and change starts with the teachers.

Nearly thirty Oklahoma schools have announced cancellation for Wednesday's classes and admitted that if they do not see a legislative change, the protests could continue through the week.