Arab summit concludes with call for solidarity

The leaders and heads of states participating in the 29th Arab Summit, named "Al-Quds Summit" which was held in Dhahran today affirmed the importance of promoting Arab joint action to address challenges facing the nation.

In the document, titled "Strengthening Arab National Security To Face Common Challenges", the leaders pledged to support the Palestinian cause in order to establish an independent Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital on the June 4, 1967 borders, in line with relevant United Nations resolutions and the Arab peace initiative.

Bin Saqr also warned against "the imminent danger posed by terrorism" and reaffirmed the need to "support and develop Arab strategies and mechanisms in combating terrorism and maintaining Arab national security".

The Arab nation has passed through risky detours due to the rapid variables and changes at the regional and worldwide arenas and realised the schemes interfering in its internal affairs in order to destabilise its security and control its destiny. Such matters entail that we have to be more united and determined to build a better tomorrow in order to achieve the hopes and aspirations of our peoples, prevent the interference of the states and external parties in the affairs of the region, the imposition of foreign agendas contrary to the Charter of the United Nations, norms of the worldwide law and human rights and the spread of chaos, ignorance, exclusion and marginalisation. It stressed on acting decisively to end these regional threats and meddling in Arab affairs.

According to the document, the General Secretariat of the Arab League has been entrusted to following up the implementation of the document, in coordination with member states, through the strategies and mechanisms set forth in the framework of joint Arab action in the Peace Initiative Committee, Arab economic integration mechanisms, Arab counterterrorism strategy and the Quartet Ministerial Committee on Iran and means of ending its intervention in the internal affairs of Arab countries.