Sea of Thieves team issues candid video update on persistent technical issues

Microsoft Game Streaming Service Might Come To Mobile

Microsoft Game Streaming Service Might Come To Mobile

Some players have also experienced performance issues while playing on Xbox One X.

In other Sea-faring goodness, we took a few moments to discuss why this game is long as you know what you're getting into. The latter issues are the more immediate concern right now, and Rare have posted a video detailing exactly what the connectivity problems are and how they're being fixed.

Though it wasn't made out to be a huge announcement, it was revealed that the game had passed over 1 million unique players in under 48 hours since releasing in New Zealand. As there are now heavy traffic and many people are now trying to get online, the server is not working properly.

"Our architecture in the game is such that we always want to protect players that are in the experience", Duncan said.

In related news, Rare has responded to comments from players that Sea of Thieves is too slight content-wise. Users can easily disable their antivirus if they suspect it's interfering with the game, but a firewall issue may be harder to track down. Anecdotal reports on social media say that if you exit the game and then log back in, those rewards will suddenly show up. If you continue playing, rewards should flow through eventually. Either disable or configure your software to add an exemption for Sea of Thieves.

Rare is working on a patch that's scheduled for deployment next week.

" "'Sea of Thieves' is already such an immersive game by design, so it's only fitting we give fans the chance to get their very own shanties from a real-life pirate band. It's a console exclusive on Xbox One, though digital copies enjoy Play Anywhere support, meaning you can play it on both Xbox One and PC.