Second World War British bomb removed from Italian Adriatic town

The bomb was discovered on a construction site

The bomb was discovered on a construction site

Italian Army bomb experts remove a bomb from World War II, in Fano, Italy, early Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

The bomb was found during construction works.

Mayor Massimo Seri said the evacuation was necessitated because the removal operation was "dangerous".

The 225-kilogram (500-pound) weapon was accidentally dug up Tuesday during excavation work on the beachfront, prompting the city to evacuate around 23,000 people from Fano's historic center.

Thousands of soldiers were involved in the operation, transporting residents to safety and sharing the news of the evacuation order from vehicles' loudspeakers.

Authorities evacuated people from all residential homes and public buildings, as well as from the local hospital. It was taken two miles off the coast out to sea, outside of navigation routes, by the Italian navy to be safely detonated.

Railway and air traffic also returned to normal on Wednesday morning, however, schools in the affected area were set to remain closed for the day. After that, army experts will carry out a controlled detonation.