Is Harry Styles' new song Medicine really a bisexual anthem?

Helene Marie Pambrun  Getty Images

Helene Marie Pambrun Getty Images

Harry Styles sent fans into a frenzy on social media after performing his new track "Medicine" at a gig on Sunday in Basel, Switzerland.

Now, lyrics from a new song, "Medicine", have gotten people asking: is Harry Styles finally, definitely, officially coming out as bisexual?

"Medicine" features a second verse with the lyrics, "Tingle running through my bones / The boys and the girls are here / I mess 'round a bit / And I'm okay with it". Fans - who have long theorized Styles is bisexual - are pointing to the song's lyrics as proof.

When asked if he gives his sexual orientation a label, Styles said: "No, I've never felt the need to really. No".

And we aren't the only ones stanning for Harry's supposed coming out song.

He has also always been a supporter of LGBT rights, having performed with a rainbow flag draped over his microphone a year ago during his ongoing solo tour.

Firstly, America's sweetheart, Olympic ice skater Adam Rippon, chimed in, saying: "And just like that, my skin is clear, my my vision is corrected, and I'm suddenly bisexual".

The first surprise of the night was when he played Medicine (listen here:, a song that never made it to the album and fans watching everywhere just near combusted.

"That doesn't feel like politics to me", he said.

Styles' two-part debut world tour, which lasted from September till November 2017, began again on March 11th, 2018 and the fans couldn't love it more.

"He wants us to know that he knows that we know and what his [sic] the reality".

One told everyone: "harry styles is a bi icon and i'll fight anyone who doesn't agree". "He's wonderful and I'm sure the thruth [sic] will be out one day", one fan tweeted, as others thanked Styles for the song.