IEC: 2.8m South Africans visit voting stations across SA

Smooth start to voter registration weekend

Smooth start to voter registration weekend

The Commission's brand new campaign Got 5? is encouraging people to register online at before the 17 April deadline if they have local elections in their area.

Their possible departures also raise the possibility that the key 2019 general election could potentially be run by a relatively new team of commissioners.

"The Electoral Commission believes that such a high turnout with more than a year until elections bodes extremely well for participation in next year's elections and the future of electoral democracy in our country", Mamabolo said. Tselane has served the maximum number of terms for an electoral commissioner and must now be replaced.

This comes as the IEC is under pressure to ensure that it complies with a Constitutional Court ruling in which it has to verify addresses of all those on the voters roll.

Parliament will then make recommendations to President Cyril Ramaphosa, who will make the final appointments.

Of these, 490 520 were voters registering for the first time with just above 80% of them under the age of 30, and 54% women.

Mamabolo said an estimated 300 000 voters who visited voting stations at the weekend were among the 2.8 million voters for whom the IEC did not have an address ahead of the voter registration weekend.

According to chief electoral officer (CEO) Sy Mamabolo more than 50 000 voters registered, checked and updated their address details using the IEC's website and the commission's new online application (app). The IEC said this could be attributed to the fluid nature of the population in Gauteng and high levels of immigration.