Ghost Recon Wildlands' Free Update "New Assignment" Is Out Today

Ghost Recon Wildlands' Free Update

Ghost Recon Wildlands' Free Update "New Assignment" Is Out Today

The update aims to expand the Ghost War experience by adding three new classes, wrapping up the planned additional six that was introduced with the Ghost War roadmap.

New Assignment will also introduce two new maps, "Refinery" and "Cliffside", available for the Extraction mode exclusively, as well as a series of quality of life and gameplay updates addressing player feedback for both PvP and PvE modes.

The three classes are the Trapper, Stalker, and Guerrilla.

The Trapper: an expert shooter, equipped with a semi-automatic sniper rifle with the ability to mark downed enemies and deploy remote KO-gas traps to stun and damage enemies.

The Stalker: a sharpshooter, specialised in silently dispatching her enemies thanks to her special abilities.

The two new maps are Refinery and Cliffside which are only available for the Extraction mode. Alongside those is the new map-voting tool, which will allow players to vote on one of three maps at the start of a match.

These updates come alongside a cache of tweaks and bug fixes, as well as an in-game t-shirt to celebrate the game's first anniversary. Ubisoft promised to "let you know as soon as possible when the update will be available for PC", and apologized for the inconvenience.

The free "New Assignment" update is released for Ghost Recon Wildlands today.

Although the maps and gameplay updates are free immediately for all players, the new classes are restricted to Season Pass and Ghost War Pass owners for seven days.

These classes, which are described below, "round off" the PvP content included in the Season Pass and Ghost War Pass offers.