Deputies Work to Identify Body Found in Garbage Bag

Source WNEM

Source WNEM

The Gratiot County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help identifying a body found in a garbage bag in Seville Township.

"It's certainly a homicide, now we are trying to determine who he is and go from there", Gratiot County Sheriff Doug Wright told The Morning Sun newspaper in Mount Pleasant.

Hunters in Gratiot County found a bag in a ditch that contained the dead body of a man on Sunday, March 11.

Officials said he's been identified as Robert Jack Counterman Jr., 67.

A Gratiot detective and lieutenant attended an autopsy in Lansing Monday on the body found west of Alma by hunters on Sunday morning.

"No identification was found with the body", Wright said.

"On his left shoulder he has a tattoo of a skull wearing a cowboy hat and a handkerchief". They slit it open, saw what was inside and called 911. The skull is bordered by the names of the states Texas, Florida, and MI as well as chain links.

"It's freaky. I was like holy cow".

Authorities say it looked like he had a recent injury to a finger or fingers on his left hand, as the middle and ring finger were taped together. I was already shook up with that. "We're just gonna watch out, hope that nothing happens", McVeigh said.