Army chief dispels 'myth' on defence expenditure being used only for military

Annual exercise between Indian Chinese armies to resume Army Chief

Annual exercise between Indian Chinese armies to resume Army Chief

India has depended on import of weapon, but it is now focusing on manufacturing weapons in the country with the transfer of technology, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said today. They did not forget that military power should rise simultaneously with the economy that is why they stand strong today in the global world order, challenging the might of USA. "There is a belief that the defence expenditure is actually a burden on the state".

Rawat said the world looks at India as a country that can balance the rise of China in the region as it was showing its "assertiveness". I want to dispel that myth.

"Is entire Defence expenditure being utilized only for maintaining military?"

General Rawat added that nearly 35 per cent of the budget allocation for the defence sector is utilised for the goal of nation-building.

To step up defence production within the country, India is looking at collaborating with other nations, he said.

A major part of the Army's budget was being utilised in developing infrastructure, schools and hospitals in remote areas of the country, Rawat said.

Rawat also commented on the defence budget, saying that the belief that defence expenditure is a burden on the state is a "myth" and added that a rising economy has to ensure the security to the establishment within the country. This is the second myth I wish to dispel. After that focus of global community shifted towards Indo-Pacific region.

The reliance of the armed forces has also been on ordnance factories but the picture is now changing, he said.

"It (hand in hand) is an exercise that happens every year".

He said the military diplomacy with China worked and the border personnel meetings that had stopped post Doklam stand-off have begun again. "Only in the previous year, this exercise was shelved (due to simmering tensions over Doklam), but this exercise is back on the cards", he said in response to a question.