Trump pushes for new 'space force'

Watch: Trump speaks at military base in California

Watch: Trump speaks at military base in California

While visiting California on Tuesday for the first time since he was elected president, Donald Trump made a comment about the need for a new military arm: the "Space Force". We have the Air Force. "We may even have a Space Force".

The only thing better than its glorious dated theme song is that the 30-minute program co-starred a young, dashing Fred Willard as Capt. Thomas Woods. We'll have the space force.

The main goal of the president's visit to San Diego was to look over proposals for his massive border-wall campaign promise. We have the Army, the Navy.

Republican Representative Mike Rogers told a February 28 conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies that a separate space corps could be carved out from the air force within "three to five years". We'll call it the space force.' Not really serious.

"From the very beginning, many of our astronauts have been soldiers and airmen, coast guard men and marines".

The idea was finally dropped from the Pentagon's funding bill by the end of previous year, but it retains some support in Congress, where advocates say the United States is facing significant strategic vulnerabilities in the face of Russian and Chinese pushes into space warfare. Trump also made extensive comments about space and the possibility that the United States will need a "space force" to fight enemies that threaten US access to space.

Trump explained the etymology of his new branch of the military after he realized he could put a word in front of "force" and make it sound very good and very official. Maybe we'll have to do that'.