Sex allegations at Labour camp

Andrew Kirton is interviewed at the Labour Party election party in Auckland in September last

Andrew Kirton is interviewed at the Labour Party election party in Auckland in September last

The PM says her party is now taking "ownership of the issue" of sexual assault allegations arising from the February event.

It's alleged that a 20-year-old man assaulted or harassed four 16-year-olds at Young Labour's summer camp in Waihi last month, which police are now investigating.

Police launched an investigation on Wednesday while Ms Ardern, who took power in October, admitted top officials in her party made mistakes in their handling of the incident.

In this morning 's Labour Party statement, Jacinda Ardern said the party had "failed the young people" and will take immediate steps to ensure a safe environment at future Labour events.

"It has become very clear to me the extent of our failure to both provide a safe environment for those young people at the Waihi Summer Camp and to properly deal with serious concerns raised by several attendees in relation to sexual misconduct and alcohol".

"Leadership is taking ownership of what has occurred we let these young people down and it won't happen again".

"This failure left them feeling abandoned and I am deeply sorry for that".

Mr Haworth said Wellington lawyer Maria Berryman had been commissioned to conduct an external review of Labour's procedures and culture.

It's yet to be announced who will head the review or when it will commence.

Haworth said he has complete confidence in General Secretary General Secretary Andrew Kirton although he was a bit slow off the mark in responding to this incident.

Haworth apologised for putting "too heavy a responsibility on our Young Labour leaders to deal with the aftermath of these incidents".

"We need to support them too".

In a report from the New Zealand Police Force, Assistant Commissioner Investigations Richard Chambers said the first step would be to assess information available to Police to determine what was required from an investigation perspective.

The investigation will be overseen by Detective Superintendent Chris Page.

"Our priority is to ensure that anyone who wishes to speak with us can feel comfortable in doing so and to ensure that appropriate support services are available".

Newsroom reported the camp's supervisor went to bed about 9pm and was not present at the party.

Second, is the removal of alcohol from Young Labour events. They said anyone with relevant information should know that an official complaint does not need to be laid for investigations to begin.