Rally to return after 15 years in the garage

V-Rally 4 screenshot PS4 Xbox One PC Nintendo Switch

V-Rally 4 screenshot PS4 Xbox One PC Nintendo Switch

PlayStation racing franchise V-Rally is making a comeback after 15 years in the shape of the Bigben Interactive and Kylotonn Racing Games collaboration, V-Rally 4.

V-Rally 4 is scheduled for release on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch in September 2018. If this partnership of developers and publishers seems familiar, that is because they have previously worked together on the WRC and TT Isle of Man series together.

The studio's goal is to remain faithful to the identity of the franchise, and to strike a flawless balance between sensation, presentation, and simulation, while offering the best graphics and gameplay the latest technology can support.

Alain Jarniou, Game Director at Kylotonn, released a statement, and said, "It's an extraordinary title that I have a very special connection to. I'm very proud to be working on the franchise again 15 years later".

The game has received its official announcement trailer, putting us in this modern Rally era.

V-Rally 4 will feature more than 50 vehicles that players can upgrade and customise, including the Porsche 911 Safari, the Ford Mustang, and the Ford Fiesta RS RX.

V-Rally Cross: Race again 7 experts in all-terrain vehicles across some challenging tracks.

Back in 2003, V-Rally was a thing.

V-Rally first appeared on PSOne in 1997, and back then there were only three game modes!

Hillclimb: Get in the driving seat of some of the most powerful cars and race to get to the top.