Officials tight-lipped in attack on NorCal veterans home

Left Christine Loeber,Jennifer Gonzales Jennifer Golick

Left Christine Loeber,Jennifer Gonzales Jennifer Golick

"We also lost one of our heroes, who clearly had demons that resulted in the bad tragedy that we all experienced here", he said. "We also lost one of our heroes who clearly had demons that resulted in the awful tragedy that we all experienced here".

A sheriff's deputy responded Friday morning to reports of shots fired by 36-year-old Albert Wong. But at 6 p.m. officers determined Wong and the three victims were dead. "This rapid live-fire of rounds going on, at least 12", Woodford said.

Pathway House operates as a private entity providing services to veterans of the post-9/11 wars who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The Pathway Home is a privately run program on the veteran home's grounds, in the wealthy Napa Valley town of Yountville. One victime was seven months pregnant. He served in active duty from May 2010 to August 2013 and was deployed to Afghanistan from April 2011 to March 2012.

Jennifer Golick, 42, of St. Helena, was the clinical director of The Pathway Home program.

"That was who she was", Ritova said. "He didn't have a traditional upbringing but still he just became a fine young man. Exactly what failed is something I know law enforcement is interested in and we are very interested in as well". It doesn't make any sense to me'.

Pathway Home spokesman Larry Kamer declined to comment, citing "confidentiality rules and the ongoing investigation".

"Whether or not the Madison Hall facility on the Yountville veterans campus is going to be in our long-term future, we don't know the answer to that question", said Kamer.

Christine Loeber, 48, of Napa, was executive director of the program.

Nine unarmed state public safety officers now work at the 615-acre campus, which is the largest in the country with approximately 1,200 residents, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Jeffrey Watts, who served with Wong in Afghanistan, says he told him through texts and phone calls that he'd been "put out on the street without a treatment plan" after multiple "run-ins with staff and other patients at the VA home over racial disparities".

He didn't hear from his wife again.

"She was a beloved mom, sister, daughter, colleague and friend".

Loeber, who had taken over The Pathway Home 18 months ago, was known by all as dedicated and caring. She also said that the facility has dealt in the past with weapons being found with residents. She had left Muir Wood in order to get closer to her family, according to Sowle.

Blower said Wong fled into a room, slamming shut the door and the deputy didn't follow the gunman into the room. "I still miss her".

Police say Wong eventually killed three women. He added that veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan come home with "a lot of need for special care".

It was "far too early to say if they were chosen at random" because investigators had not yet determined a motive, California Highway Patrol Assistant Chief Chris Childs said.

Grieving family members of a woman killed in the Yountville Veterans Home shooting are speaking out about their loss Monday.

"Law enforcement is trying to figure out exactly how [the gunman] was able to get around that", Kamer said.

Wong thought the Pathway program would help him readjust after the Army, she said. "It's because of the war". But she would exchange encouraging words and hugs with vets at The Pathway Home when she could. Sheer explained to the AP that Wong experienced a number of symptoms characteristic of PTSD.

Executive Director Christine Loeber, 48; Clinical Director Jennifer Golick, 42; and Jennifer Gonzales Shushereba, 32, a clinical psychologist with the San Francisco Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System who was almost 7 months pregnant died in the siege.