NBC's 'This Is Us' Season 2 Finale: When And Where To Watch

Deep in the heart This Is Us stars Milo Ventimiglia Mandy Moore and Justin Hartley reunited at the Deadline Studio during day four of the South by Southwest Festival in Austin on Monday

Deep in the heart This Is Us stars Milo Ventimiglia Mandy Moore and Justin Hartley reunited at the Deadline Studio during day four of the South by Southwest Festival in Austin on Monday

Tell Us: What did you think of the season 2 finale? For answers on why old Jack was seen in the finale, read our recap.

On the This Is Us episode "The Wedding", everyone gathers for Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby's (Chris Sullivan) wedding. Obviously seeing an older Jack at Kate's wedding is going to throw us for a loop. But while one chapter closed, another one opened.

This makes us so happy!

Beyond that, we can guess that there will probably be some last minute bumps in the road for Toby and Kate. Because we were shooting it at the family cabin, I was like, 'Oh dear, we can't have such a long train because it's dirty out there!' So we did have a bit of a train and they did something really handsome where they bustled the train a bit, and ended up shortening it, but the dress was actually really heavy because it's beaded and handmade and couture, literally hand made. And because the This Is Us writers are pros at setting up the long game, the finale revealed several major teases for obstacles facing several major characters in the final moments of the episode. And now, just a month after fans finally got the full lowdown on Jack's death, the series has shoved someone else into the mystery box.

"We have big cliffhanger moments", Aptaker continued.

Kevin has gone through his fair share of ups and downs in his career and personal life over the past two seasons, and in brief glimpses of the near future, the former Man-ny star seems to have it all together.

In the scene, Kevin is seen holding a photo of his late father during his time in the war. But he's not alone. "They stir all kinds of things up", she says, calming her daughter, who begins to second-guess why Toby isn't in her dreams to begin with. And if these past two seasons are any indication, it's going to blow us away. So what prompts Kevin to make the big life decision to travel to Vietnam? It appears his depression has returned. Kate comes in to say that the doctor wants to readjust Toby's meds but he doesn't even move to acknowledge that his wife is speaking to him. Toby will never be able to replace Jack in Kate's heart, but he's damned well deserving of his own full-sized space there. This series has done a attractive job of laying that foundation already-and unlike Randall's foray into construction, this work is reliable. If Jack hadn't died the night of the house fire, he and Rebecca could have been celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and renewing their vows.

Toby and Kate got hitched on the "This Is Us" season 2 finale, but a flash forward dropped some serious bombshells. In response, Deja talks back to Beth and Randall and ultimately attacks Randall's auto in a fit of resentment.

The answer is still hazy-but in Tuesday's finale, it became clear that while Beth might not be dead in the future, she's nearly certainly not well. And now Kate is missing and Madison, Kevin and Randall are looking for her. Finally, future Randall levels with Tess that "It's time to go see her". "I'm not ready", Tess replies, shaking her head. It's quite clear from their exchange that it's someone they were once close with, but had a falling out in the past that caused them to sever ties. While that was the signature event in these characters' lives, Tuesday's episode served notice that life goes on. And we see her getting up and preparing what looks to be like she is about to dump some of his ashes out near the tree.

Randall: She might kill us both not in our sleep.

Randall: Wait, Tess will resent us and Deja will end up on the pole? Instinctively, I found myself thinking back to the worst case scenarios that Randall and Beth had considered earlier in the episode. Those two seem like small stretches, but we haven't exactly gotten confirmation that Beth and Annie are around in the future. Could it be that Beth will someday perish of the same cancer that took her father?

In season two, okay went out the window. We now have a long, long hiatus in which to speculate.