Microsoft E3 2018 Day and Start Time Revealed

Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference Date And Time

Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference Date And Time

How could Microsoft possibly out-do previous E3 conferences, where it introduced the Xbox One S and Xbox One X?

The long-awaited Avatar update looks set for an imminent release, after Xbox executive Mike Ybarra was spotted using the feature online. "Coming soon perhaps?" Rand al Thor 19 tweeted. "In fact, it will be our biggest showing ever", announced the company.

Microsoft's briefings will probably be the first among other console manufacturers because it is taking place on a Sunday.

Microsoft has made a decision to take over the bulk of its E3 2018 presence to the Microsoft Theater across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Center (where E3 2018 will be held) in collaboration with the organizers of E3, the Entertainment Software Association.

The company says that 2018 is going to be no different and that this year it's going to be the company's "biggest showing ever", however, it's going to create an entirely new experience for attendees. All attendees with a valid E3 2018 badge will be able to enter the Microsoft Theatre to participate in FanFest and demo activities. Microsoft said it will still have a "meaningful presence" at the convention center in the form of "a new booth completely dedicated to [video streaming service] Mixer, where you can play, stream and interact with games and catch the latest E3 news live throughout the entire week".

E3 2018 is right around the corner, and Microsoft today revealed their ambitious plans for the show.