Google Images now adds captions to results for context and information

Google Images without captions  with captions

Google Images without captions with captions

For people looking for visual information and inspiration, they probably use Google Images more than just the usual Google Search. The captions will be the titles of the web page where each image is published. And while they have made some changes that were not pleasing to ordinary users (mainly you will have to go to the website to download the image), the newer update should be more useful rather than annoying. Image captions are set to roll out globally this week on the Google app on Android and iOS, and in mobile web browsers. In today's mobile-first world it doesn't look like this update is coming to desktop search results. It essentially means that you can find out what the image is about and if a particular website would contain relevant content. You may also decide to visit the webpage to see extra images and learn more.

For example, if you search for [time in los angeles] or [time in new zealand] Google will show the answer, and then show a button below the answer to load the search results.

Google is now showing answers without any additional search results for some queries.

Google says this should assist searchers by adding more context to what an image is about. For instance, a user will now know that the searched fruit is called carambola or starfruit, and that it's popular in China without even clicking on one of the links.