Auckland confirmed for America's Cup

An artist impression of the government's latest America's Cup village plan dropping the extension of Hobson Wharf on the eastern side

An artist impression of the government's latest America's Cup village plan dropping the extension of Hobson Wharf on the eastern side

"There are still important details to work through and we are continuing to seek the lowest-cost option with the smallest intrusion into the harbour, as has been our stated objective from the start", he said.

Government, Auckland Council and Emirates Team New Zealand have butted heads on controversial options, some of which would see large intrusions into the harbour costing millions extra.

Only a 9900 square metre extension of the Halsey St Wharf is required to make the design work, whereas other options would have seen intrusions of 22,800 square metres.

"The Wynyard Point America's Cup Village will be a fantastic asset for the marine industry, for all Aucklanders and all New Zealanders".

The government came to us with a further plan last week.

"On the face of it and to the layman's eye it looks like it could work".

"In the limited time we have had to look into the detail we see that there are some problems that need to be addressed", Dalton said.

"We along, with Government and council, have concerns about the works timetable and availability of specialist construction resource in an already stretched environment".

"The Point-Halsey options meets that pledge", the statement said.

Dalton said Parker had agreed Team New Zealand would have a permanent base on Hobson Wharf.

"That would not require the rugby-field-sized wharf extension - and it would also create the wonderful America's Cup Village concept envisaged by Grant Dalton that we and many Aucklanders wholeheartedly support".

"It is where our home and where our heart is". That menas they will sail their first AC75s in the northern hemisphere in 2019-20 and then relocate to New Zealand in tyhe period June- October 2020. "We want Auckland to host the cup, and Council and government are working with Emirates Team New Zealand to ensure that we can provide the infrastructure in a timely manner and deliver an incredible event", Goff said.

"It's a further iteration of the minister's plan known as the "Hybrid option" but is closer to the one designed by Viaduct Harbour Holdings".

He said the lobby group was a strong advocate for the Wynyard Point scheme with the Team New Zealand base located on a much smaller extension at the western end of Halsey Wharf.

Under the latest proposal, most of the America's Cup bases would be on the old Tank Farm land now known as Wynyard Point, with Team NZ forced off its planned permanent home on Hobson Wharf extension and back onto a reduced extension on Halsey Wharf (from 75m back to 45m beyond today's structure).

"To be honest I'm a bit pissed off with this but I will live with an equal base at the eastern end of Halsey Wharf".

"We do not build rugby fields out into our harbour for our world champion All Blacks and we should not do so for Team New Zealand. That is the wrong legacy for Auckland", Bull said. It will sit along the current application which closes today.

"The base construction needs to start in September of this year for bases to be available in October 2019 so the teams can get to Auckland and set up for a summer training and testing at the Cup venue".

Asked if there was a plan B, Parker said the parties would be guided by the cost and limiting intrusion into the harbour.

Dunedin firm Animation Research's video on what a proposed America's Cup base for Auckland will look like. Spokesperson Ngarimu Blair said: "The iwi's objection is based on the recognition of the Waitemata Harbour as a taonga".

"We are also concerned about the two proposed 110m concrete wharf structures on Wynyard Wharf, which we were not notified about in our meetings with Panuku".