Another Pakistani diplomat harassed in New Delhi

Iran backs Kashmir cause while telling Pakistan to join Chabahar project

Iran backs Kashmir cause while telling Pakistan to join Chabahar project

It was further reported that another Pakistani diplomat's vehicle was intercepted earlier and children of the diplomat were harassed. Another diplomat is said to have had his auto tailed while on his way home Thursday evening.

Pakistan once again approached India's ministry of external affairs on Friday accusing Indian officials of intimidating the children of a senior diplomat while they were on their way to school. In a new low for ties, India-Pakistan relations are now caught in a vicious cycle of reprisals which was initiated because of, as Indian authorities say, a raid on a residential complex for Indian diplomats by ISI in Islamabad. Pakistan also warned that such aggressive blocking of cars on roads will not just endanger the lives of Pakistan diplomats but also cause a major road accident.

"This deliberate bullying is not confined to a single isolated event, but continues unabated in a series of incidents, especially targeting the children of our officers and staff", Pakistan said in a statement.

According to the diplomatic sources, a total of around 500 to 600 Pakistanis including 104 officials and staffers at the high commission and their family members are now stationed in the Indian capital.

The Iranian top diplomat, who left Tehran for Islamabad on Sunday afternoon heading a 30-strong politico-economic delegation, arrived in Karachi on the second day of his visit to Pakistan on Tuesday.

Pakistan has officially conveyed their reservations on the matter to the Indian authorities, saying that performing their duties in New Delhi will become very hard under the current circumstances.