3 men, 1-year-old girl fatally shot in Brooklyn apartment

Four people including a child were found shot

Four people including a child were found shot

At least four people, including a child, were found shot and killed in Brooklyn apartment on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

The victims were discovered throughout the apartment, and were all pronounced dead at the scene. They may be father and son, but police are just starting to look into their relationships. "We all know him by that, doing barbecues all the time and happy, laughing with everybody", family friend Jose Valdez said. "They showed love when they can, you know, and it's sad". The grandmother of the young girl arrived to babysit when she made the horrific discovery. There does not appear to be forced entry into the apartment.

He said that if a gun was found under that man, they might conclude that the shooting had been a triple murder-suicide. "I can say this, a firearm has been recovered inside the apartment, along with bullets and shell casings".

The victims were believed to be members of the same household but not necessarily all family members, Mr. Davis said.