Toddler allegedly assaulted by babysitter 'not expected to survive,' father says

Hannah Wesche

Hannah Wesche

First responders found her unresponsive, with labored breathing and obvious bruises about her head and face, the sheriff's office said in a prepared statement.

Authorities say Lindsay Partin hit a 3-year-old child she was babysitting on Thursday. No motive for the alleged attack was given. "She is not expected to survive".

Megan recalled what happened on the day Hannah sustained her injury, saying: 'She'd gotten dropped off, a couple minutes later, she's calling (Hannah's dad) Jason, hysterical, doesn't really know what's happening, they call 911.

Pictured, Butler County, Ohio toddler, Hannah Wesche.Lindsay Partin Butler County babysitter came recommended with flawless credentials.

He tells WLWT-TV that he had been taking the girl to Partin's Hanover Township home for months. "Hannah was great. I can't", Wesche said.

Relatives said the situation is a shock because Partin presented herself as the flawless fit. She also had a black eye.

Her father, Jason Wesche, was called back to Partin's home.

"Who's passed out?" the dispatcher asked.

Responded Partin, 'The little girl. Jones said she admitted to "striking" the girl.

'Are you with her now?' "She fell pretty bad yesterday".

'Is she awake right now?' He was at Partin's court hearing Monday.

Although she's just 3 years old, Hannah Wesche has a personality that "shines".

At the hospital detectives and hospital personnel noted additional bruising on the child's body.

Partin was booked her into the Butler County Jail on Friday.

The little girl was injured so badly during the reported assault doctors had to remove part of her skull because her brain had swollen so badly.

'In order to do something like this to an innocent, fragile child, you would have to be a monster'. 'Cases like this rip your heart out. I can't begin to explain the feeling of losing a child at the hands of this ... of just a violent act.

Jones urged parents to thoroughly vet the people who are watching their children. Get background checks, talk to neighbors, friends, and family members before letting anyone watch your children.

Hannah's father has since launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for Hannah's medical expenses.

'Everyone just pray for her that she is comfortable and finds peace, ' she wrote on Sunday night. Partin enters not guilty plea.