The Voice Coaches Sing Their Take on the Rat Pack

Jordan Kirkdorffer sings

Jordan Kirkdorffer sings"In Case You Didn't Know on The Voice 2018 Blind Audition

Contestant Stephanie Skipper, 33, had Kelly Clarkson, 35, in tears during the March 12 episode of The Voice, when she sang the American Idol winner's very emotional song, "Piece by Piece", during her blind audition. Stephanie is married to someone who's also trying to make it into the music industry, but he stepped aside and took a job, so she could have a real shot at superstardom.

Adam and Blake turned their chairs for Bransen.

During the package, she spoke about being pregnant at 14 and not being able to hang out with her University City High School classmates because she was being a mother, and how her daughter made her grow up quickly and do better. Kelly, on other hand... well, she liked the performance, too, but she was too busy sobbing to turn her chair around. "I'm so sad", Kelly said. I'm crying. I'm so mad I didn't turn.

Coach Blake Shelton said he didn't buzz for her because he knew there was no way she was going home, he already had a near-full team and he was being strategic.

Stephanie still wanted to express her gratitude to Kelly.

Monday's episode features two more hours of auditions, with Alicia Keys having been on a roll picking up a number of impressive singers while she looks for her second victory now that she's returned to the singing competition. The fact that you picked that song, it was cool. "And it means a lot to share in your art because it means something in my world", Stephanie told Kelly before they hugged on stage. "It is who she is".