Severity of Flu Season Passes Peak but Remains Deadly

DPH: Flu hits Georgia hard

DPH: Flu hits Georgia hard

The Delaware Division of Public Health is reporting two more flu deaths, placing the total at 30 on the season.

There have been 1,017 lab-confirmed cases so far in Jefferson County, 335 in Lewis County, 808 in St. Lawrence County, 1,074 in Oswego County, and 175 in Franklin County. The seasonal peak was around February 23, when there were 118 cases.

The worst flu season since the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic is finally beginning to taper off, according to new reports from the Centers for Disease Control and federal officials, USA Today reports.

"The activity is still high for the flu", says Dr. Genevieve Cadieux, the associate medica officer of health for OPH. One reason that this flu season has been so bad is the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine, research from Canada revealing that this year's flu vaccine is 14% less effective than originally thought, meaning that it is just 20% effective against the dominant H3N2 strain.

The agency says there have been 127 confirmed influenza-associated deaths in Georgia this season.

During last year's flu season, 12,912 people in NY were hospitalized because of the virus, 50 percent lower than this year.

There have also been 249 influenza-related hospitalizations reported for the 2017-18 season. Both had multiple underlying health conditions.