New Ford Fiesta ST gains optional LSD

Hot New 2018 Ford Fiesta ST To Be Offered With LSD And Launch Control

Hot New 2018 Ford Fiesta ST To Be Offered With LSD And Launch Control

Ford has revealed more details of sports driving features available with the upcoming Fiesta ST hot hatchback.

Fortunately, Ford claims it will be "the most responsive, engaging and fun-to-drive Fiesta ST" ever, thanks to newly-announced technologies including an optional mechanical limited-slip differential (LSD), force vectoring springs, and optional Launch Control.

Both mechanical advances should provide the German-built pocket-rocket, which downsizes to a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol triple-cylinder that delivers tastier 147kW/290Nm outputs, with even more grip than the acclaimed model it replaces.

Ford has also worked on how the vehicle performance on the road and added a number of new systems and features to facilitate this. We also learn that the Fiesta ST's top speed is 232 km/h (144 mph).

That means the arch-rivalry between the Focus ST and Volkswagen Polo GTI - the new generation of which comes here in August as an automatic only - will continue for another generation at least.

The auto is available in both three-door and five-door bodystyles with sporty ST exterior styling and standard 17-inch or optional 18-inch alloy wheels.

We expect Ford Australia to import a single, well-specified variant - perhaps only the three-door - fitted as standard with Europe's optional Quaife LSD.

"Hot-hatch drivers are expecting big things from this small auto".

The new vehicle also comes with force vectoring suspension springs, which Ford says deliver a sharper turn-in and responsiveness.

Patented by Ford, it works by using non-uniform directionally-wound springs that allow "cornering forces to travel directly into the spring, for increased lateral stiffness", says Ford Performance. Suspension has received its own enhancements, with upgraded shocks, and a torsion beam rear end that saves 22 pounds.

Roeks said the new suspension configuration took a lot of trial-and-error to flawless.

"We went through three times the normal number of suspension iterations to find a set-up that delivered the exciting driving experience demanded of an ST model, but also comfort and refinement for everyday driving", said European Ford Performance director Leo Roeks.

Normal, Sport and Track settings alter steering feel, throttle response, engine performance, exhaust note and traction control depending on the situation.

It works in conjunction with the enhanced Torque Vectoring Control technology which reduces understeer when cornering.

Other inclusions inside are a 4.2-inch instrument cluster, ST gearknob, flat bottom steering wheel and contrasting stitching throughout.

Thanks to the optional Quaife LSD, the Fiesta ST will go faster through corners.

That's also good news, but what matters more for Fiesta ST buyers is how the vehicle will be like to drive.