Millennial 26-30 railcard website crashes as thousands scramble for discount travel

A limited number of 26-30 Millennial Railcards are on sale tomorrow- here's how to get one

A limited number of 26-30 Millennial Railcards are on sale tomorrow- here's how to get one

It meant that just one in 500 of the eligible population were able to get one - which didn't go down too well online.

The railcard will only be available for one year, costs £30 for a year and will only be available digitally.

The 26-30 card has been dubbed the millennial rail card, and was announced by Philip Hammond in his Budget speech in November, to give 4.5 million more people a third off their rail travel.

The cards could be applied for from today but as there are only 10,000 now available, they are being issued on a first-come, first-serve basis, the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) said.

Those on the website took to Twitter to express frustration. Others compared getting hold of the railcard to winning an elusive Golden Ticket in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. "Sort out your website to make it fair!" wrote Emily Thomas, from London.

The card is aimed at leisure travellers, with no discounts on season tickets and a £12 minimum fare on all journeys between 4.30am and 10am, excluding weekends and public holidays.

The trial will assess the take-up of the cards, and the impact of revenue and passenger numbers.

It must be bought online and downloaded onto a smartphone.

Millennials are fuming after the website to buy a brand new 26-30 railcard crashed within minutes of its launch.

The card was previously only available to a limited number of people in East Anglia.

A spokesperson for the RDG, which represents train operators and Network Rail, said: "We're sorry to those who have been unable to buy a trial 26-30 Railcard this morning".

Research being gathered as part of the 26-30 railcard trial is being used to inform discussions with the government about a national roll out, and to develop new products that make leisure travel easier and better value for customers.