Mayor Emanuel, Supt. Johnson urge governor to sign gun bill

Illinois governor vetoes gun licensing bill

Illinois governor vetoes gun licensing bill

Gov. Bruce Rauner plans to veto legislation Tuesday that would require gun retailers to be licensed by the state of IL, his spokeswoman Rachel Bold said.

"It's just not right".

Rauner told WJPF radio in southern IL on Tuesday morning that the legislation is an "unnecessary, burdensome regulation". "It's crushing to our small business owners, and creates bureaucracy that really doesn't help keep our communities safer", he told WJPF News Radio in southern IL.

The Illinois bill sought to order gun shop owners to get a license from the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and to renew them every five years.

The Illinois state legislature has been cautious about taking up gun control measures, despite the Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who had repeatedly pressured Rauner to sign the legislation in recent weeks, accused the governor of putting next week's primary election before public safety. Rauner said in the radio interview that laws should be tougher on repeat gun offenders.

"The governor's decision was cruel, it was cold and it was calculated to benefit his own politics at the expense of public safety". On Tuesday, Emanuel called Rauner's veto "a slap in the face to crime victims, faith leaders and police" who pleaded with him to sign the legislation. The Senate has yet to vote on those bills.

The sponsor, Addison Democratic Rep. Kathleen Willis, has said that state oversight would identify and eliminate the practice of straw purchasers buying guns legally and then selling them to criminals. To make schools safer, Rauner suggested "highly trained, highly well-armed security personnel at our schools who are very, very talented and able to protect our students". "There are things we still have to do as it relates to raising the age, and bump stock legislation, but this is a key component", he said Monday.