Jake Arrieta pens heartfelt letter to Chicago

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As he alludes to in the letter, Arrieta was dealt to the Cubs in 2013 after struggling in Baltimore (20-25, 5.46 ERA).

Arrieta immediately looked like a different pitcher for the Cubs, putting together a 3.66 ERA in nine 2013 starts.

He says in his letter he was on the verge of walking away from baseball before beginning a "transformation" in Chicago.

The starter quickly rose to the top of the majors as one of the best pitchers during his last four seasons with the Chicago Cubs. "I looked myself in the mirror, as well as my two year old son and pregnant wife knowing in my heart that everything was about to change". There were no-hitters, a Cy Young award, World Series victories - in all, his performance made him one of the greats in club history.

Arrieta, the 2015 National League Cy Young Award victor and 2016 MLB World Series champion with the Cubs, agreed to a three-year, $75million deal with the Phillies on Sunday.

In a Twitter post entitled "Chicago", the Phillies' new three-year, $75 million man shared an image of a handwritten note that began with his recollection of joining the Cubs. Childhood dreams turned reality, thanks to so many awesome people, all holding one another to a very high standard. Going the extra mile to take care of our families was never taken for granted. I was lucky to have dedicated team-mates that willingly shed blood, sweat, and tears to achieve our goals. Lastly, thanks to all Cubs fans around the world for standing with us, and investing in us even when times were tough. "Thanks for the memories".