Helicopter crashes at Air Ambulance base at Perth Airport

A pilot has been injured after being involved in a helicopter crash at Perth Airport this morning.

The exclusive helicopter, which was experiencing tests, was left a "disfigured chaos" after the episode at around 10.25am, as reports the Sun.

He ran out and found that paramedics from Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) who are based at the airport were already helping the injured pilot.

'I heard it take off and it didn't sound right at all, then there was a big bang'.

A tractor was used to write the helicopter as fuel was leaking out.

A man was seen crawling from the stricken aircraft following the incident.

Police Scotland said: "There is one male casualty with a leg injury".

Eyewitnesses said the helicopter went into a spin while it was on the ground, before ending up on its side.

The helicopter is believed to be used for training purposes and is not one of the air ambulances, which are predominantly yellow.